About Us

Dream was born from a dream, which became ambition and finally reality.

We are independent selectors and bottlers of whisky and noble spirits. For our selections we delve into the heart of Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the world in search of those casks that reflect our idea of harmony and uniqueness of taste.

After selecting them, we decide whether they are ready to be bottled or whether they should continue their ageing in traditional warehouses. Once ready, each cask is bottled individually in order to best express the aromatic and sensory complexity of the distillate.

Inside every Dream Whisky bottle you will find the passion, love and dedication we devote every day to this magnificent craft that is the pursuit of taste.

"Think how nice it would be if everyone could feel able to love and experience whisky as you taught me. Everyone deserves this chance."
- Federico -

Federico Mazzieri

Founder & General Manager

Marco Maltagliati

Founder & Sales Manager

Antonio Lugli

Bar Manager Dreamhouse

Marella Batkovic

Hospitality manager Dreamhouse

They chose DreamWhisky


P.le Badalocchio 3/a,

43126 Parma



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