"the crackling of the fire accompanies the glass that brings back happy memories, the glasses meet merrily lit by the comfortable light of the fireplace"


Matthew is a project born from the meeting of Dream Whisky and Mr Matthew.

The union of these two realities gave rise to the desire to create a whiskey that is rooted in Irish tradition and at the same time celebrates the Italian way of life, paying extreme attention to the selection of the grains used and the fermentation and distillation techniques.


The first official release was called FIREPLACE, the whiskey that rekindles memories, the name of which is intended to evoke the feeling one gets when tasting a portion: 'the crackling of the fire accompanies the glass that brings back happy memories, the glasses merrily meet lit by the comfortable light of the fireplace'.

Tasting notes



Fresh, notes of pear and green apple chase scents of jasmine flowers and yellow roses. The olfactory evolution leads to hints of red fruit, fresh sour cherries and lychee while the long finish recalls the scent of leather and refined leathers.



The entry immediately leads to notes of fresh fruit such as white peach and raspberry with great coherence between nose and mouth. A sweet sense of peat emerges from the second sip combined with notes of lime honey and white chocolate that flow into an intense finish reminiscent of cocoa and mascarpone with a slight coffee note.

100% Irish barley

A Single Malt Irish Whiskey combining two traditional techniques,
double and triple distillation in Pot Still

Exclusive use of first fill ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks



Single Malt Irish whiskey




Single Malt Irish whiskey


Matthew's newsletter

I will tell you everything I know about Irish whiskey and how best to enjoy it

I will talk to you about pairings, history, tradition, ... And of course I will give you a discount on my whiskey because it would be unfair to make you want to drink it and not give a damn.



Why does Matthew not have an ageing date?

Matthew is a blend of casks of different ages, in jargon a NAS (No Age Statement), we worked for over a year studying the recipe and the aim was to create an elegant, complex and extremely pleasant to drink flavour line that combines the refined character of Scotch with the freshness of Irish. What is really important to us is the taste, no matter how old a whiskey may be.

Why an Irish Whiskey and not Scottish?

Why not? Whiskey or whisky was born in these lands and Ireland has centuries of tradition, moreover, a true whiskey renaissance is taking place on this island based on quality and innovation and we couldn't pass up an opportunity as unique as this one.

Why combine double and triple distillation in Pot Still?

Matthew Fireplace is composed of peated and unpeated single malts, the unpeated part has been double distilled in order to maintain a more important character and body and richer aromas while for the peated part we preferred triple distillation in order to make the smoky note more gentle and light, like a thin veil of smoke almost imperceptible but giving depth to the tasting.

Why the exclusive use of first-pass barrels?

In our opinion, the real determining factor in successful ageing is the quality of the wood and its freshness; we prefer to age the whiskey for fewer years in a good cask that is still full of aromas rather than a long ageing in an empty cask that now has nothing left to give the distillate. 

Better to drink it neat or on the rocks?

It depends on taste and what is desired at any given moment. Drinking it on its own allows you to appreciate all its complexity and evolution, which can last even more than an hour, especially recommended for distillate lovers and those with a more experienced palate. Matthew on the rocks is perfect for any occasion and for any palate, a fresh and complex drink for a true connoisseur.

What are the best pairings?

Our favourites are a good cream or zabaglione ice cream and a mature stracchino-type cheese but the most important thing is time, you have to match the aftertastes and never have the whisky and the dish in your mouth at the same time because otherwise you would only perceive alcohol, always wait a few seconds between sips. However, the rule reigns that there are no limits to curiosity so our advice is to experiment and let us know!

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