Who We Are

Dream comes from a dream, which has become ambition and finally reality.

Think how beautiful it could be if everyone could feel able to love and experience whisky as you taught me. Anyone deserves this opportunity.


We believe that whisky, like many other excellences, manages to express all the magic it has inside it, if it is lived rather than analyzed.

Our dream is to offer anyone who has the desire the opportunity to discover and learn about an extraordinary product such as a Scotch Whisky in the most natural way, simplify the choice and purchase and finally bring it to the role it deserves within of the restaurants.


Decades of experience in the world of Scotch Whisky, passionate and great connoisseur.
He talks about whisky and Scotland as his karma, he is always looking for combinations outside the box and products that have a soul as well as an excellent taste.


Degree in economics, master of specialization in food and wine and previous experience in a multinational food company.
Lover of excellence and traditions in the world of food and beverage, his ambition is to make these products accessible to anyone who has the desire and in the most transparent way possible.